Guitar Lessons

We teach a variety of styles including rock, blues, country, classical, jazz, and more. For beginners, we start off with the basics and then we teach you specific techniques; such as sweep-picking arpeggios, finger-style, pick harmonics, scale runs and palm muting. We'll help you understand theory in a way that you'll understand. Beginners and long-time players welcome! We can teach you modes, circle of fifths, scales, chord theory, intervals, progressions, rhythms, and reading music. Sign up for a lesson today!

We can provide instruments for student’s lessons.

We also have instruments for rent.

Teaching Staff

This class is taught by Johnny I.

Amity Music teachers have worked withGrammy Award Winning Artists & are University trained (Yale, Berklee). We also offer ensembles for students to perform in a group setting as well as learn the unique styles of their favorite artists from all styles of music.

Lesson Policy

Lessons are paid on a month to month basis. All lessons require 24 Hour cancel policy. Lessons can be rescheduled or credited due to inclement weather. All new students will have to enroll and prepay before start of 1st lesson.

Lesson Tuition

$125/month for four 30-minute lesson pass

$175/month for four 45-minute lesson pass

$250/month for four one-hour lesson pass

**Payments are charged via credit card
($15 more per month to pay via check or cash)


Amity Music Academy also offers group classes and jam sessions. These are a great addition to take as well as your private lessons. Please contact us for more information and availability.

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